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Local businesses/employers have offered the following Work Experience/Work Placement opportunities for students at our school. Please see me if you are interested in any of these:

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Industry: Health
Type of Opportunity: Work Experience
Start Date of Opportunity:
Duration of Opportunity:
No. of Days per Week: 5
Description of Opportunity:

Peninsula Health proudly host a number of secondary school work experience placements each year to provide local students with the opportunity to observe and learn about the range of career pathways in Health.

In 2017, Peninsula Health are pleased to again accommodate a limited number of placements in a number of areas including Nursing, Allied Health, Admin, Corporate Services etc.

To be considered for a placement in 2017, students are required to submit an expression of interest during one of the two intake periods (advertising December/January and May/June).

Placement opportunities for the March to June 2017 intake will be advertising on the Peninsula Health website Careers page and our Facebook page.

Peninsula Health will be advertising these Work Experience placements from 12th December 2016 – 13th January 2017.

Student Requirements:
How to Apply: Apply online: