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Preparing for Exams

“Some succeed because they are destined to.
But most succeed because they are determined to.”

Study sessions don’t just happen. They need to be organised!

  • Make yourself a study timetable.  
  • Keep in mind other commitments such as casual employment etc.
  • During the holidays, get up at the same time as you would if it was a normal school day.
  • Once your study timetable is established you can start summarising your notes.
  • Having summaries of the days notes for each subject is vital.
  • Build up an organised sequence of summaries for each subject.
  • Have a revision/summary folder for each subject.
  • Continually revise and condense your notes

The following is a link to VCE study designs, past exams and examinatiion  reports
VCAA link to past exams

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